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Choosing a Snow Removal Company

As Memorial Day approaches, most property managers are focused on services and projects taking place this Summer. We urge property managers and building supervisors to consider planning for the 2015-2016 snow removal season. Perhaps you were unsatisfied with the service from your snow removal contractor last winter. Well, this is the perfect time to start fresh and contract with Vive for snow removal services.

Here at Vive, we know the snow removal industry here in the New York metropolitan area. Talking with property managers we hear all sorts of snow contractor complaints referencing other snow removal companies; ‘they never show up on time’, ‘they don’t shovel our pedestrian walkways’, and ‘we can’t count on them to remove snow in a timely fashion’.

Learning from these ‘industry’ complaints, we can understand what’s important to building managers and owners. ‘Timing is everything’ and we believe this saying is directly related to the snow removal industry. We pride ourselves on offering quick service and excellent follow-up care during and after snow storms. Having the staff, equipment and support, we believe that it’s better to provide quality care to our clients, instead of overpromising and under delivering.

Looking for a new snow removal company here in New York or New Jersey? Don’t wait till it’s too late! Vive has vacancies for new snow removal accounts, but don’t wait till November! Take action now to guarantee on time snow removal service this upcoming Winter!

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Our Snow Storm Cleanup Process

Vive Property management is proud to offer worry free snow storm cleanup. Our snow storm cleanup process has been perfected and now that the snow has been falling our clients around New Jersey are experiencing what we are capable of. As a rapidly growing snow plow company, we are constantly looking for ways to make our processes easier and to be better able to serve our clients.

Our snow storm cleanup process starts before the snow even begins. As soon as a winter weather alert for our area is announced, our team is hard at work analyzing the forecast and preparing to go to work. They take a look at the areas that will be hit hardest, first, last, what type of weather is coming and how long the storm will last. Then with that information we are able to come up with a plan of action.

We are out early, before the storm making sure that the areas that will be hit first are salted if necessary and clear of any snow that will make it harder to clear the upcoming snow. When the storm starts we get to work right away, clearing the heaviest hit parking lots and properties as soon as we can.

Throughout the storm we constantly are moving, checking back to properties that are getting continued snow. After the storm is over we are still hard at work. It is then we check back with our properties to ensure that all of the snow is indeed cleared, ice is managed and there are not hazardous conditions for employees or clients. We don’t stop until the storm does, night or day, if your business needs to be able to run when there’s a storm, then you can count on us to make it happen.

February 2010 record blizzard in the North Jersey Area
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Winter Forecast

The tri-state area is notorious for unpredictable winter weather. Forecasts change within hours and most of the time we are under prepared, waking up to heavy amounts of snow fall and dangerous conditions. When you own a business or property, you can’t afford to be underprepared. Ensuring safe and easy passage to and from your parking lot for tenants, employees and customers alike is what keeps your business running. Not having your bases covered by having a commercial snow removal plan in action can cost you a fortune with the risk of lawsuits, fines and loss of business.

Vive PM provides:

  • Commercial Snow Removal
  • Ice Control
  • Snow plowing
  • Sidewalk Shoveling
  • Ice Removal

Using our state of the art equipment and expertly trained snow removal team, we get your business ready for daily operations quickly in the face of a winter storm or snowfall. We are dedicated to being trained and ready for whatever weather is forecasted as well as the un-forecasted winter weather issues. Arriving to your business to clear the snow before business hours, we keep you running on time. Since snow doesn’t just fall overnight, we return to your property throughout the duration of the storm in order to keep your parking lots and walkways clear all day.

Our many commercial snow removal clients throughout Northern New Jersey Counties acknowledge our safety commitments and attention to detail that we take pride in offering to our clients. As each property is different, our team takes the time to speak with you regarding the types of services that are required for your property, ensuring that no task is left undone. Let us be there for you when the winter weather hits, you can be assured that we will take care of the hard work and leave you feeling prepared for anything.

Call us today to discuss your commercial snow removal needs and to book your contract for 2015. Time is running out and spaces are filling quickly, so don’t delay!

man slipped on parking lot that wasn't plowed or salted
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The Risk of Slip and Fall Injuries

With winter weather comes the risk of slip and fall accidents on your commercial property due to snow and ice. A majority of the slip and fall accidents typically occur in parking lots or on sidewalks of commercial properties and businesses. It is the property owner’s responsibility to take care to maintain these areas and remove snow and ice in a prompt way in order to prevent these injuries!

Failure to perform a reasonable amount of duty to ensure the area is free and clear of ice and snow, and provide clear passage on your property can land you in a heap of financial trouble. When someone slips and falls on your property and sues you they may be entitled to cost of medical bills, lost wages, and treatment costs. The CDC estimates that about 25% of slip and fall suffered by the elderly can increase the risk of death! You do not desire to be responsible for that type of harm.

Unfortunately, in the New Jersey area, snow and ice are part of our reality. Property owners can sometimes be responsible for failing to take care of snow and ice on their properties, whether or not it is their intention. For this reason, a priority as a business owner in this area should be to contract a commercial snow removal company such as Vive PM as a prevention measure.

Vive PM works to remove snow and ice from your property including sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots. We get to work promptly as the snow and ice begin and continue to clear the property throughout the snowfall until it is safe for your employees, tenants and customers.  Since we are the experts in our line of business, you can rest easy knowing your sidewalks, staircases and parking lots will not be a risk.

Don’t get yourself tied up in a legal battle over ice and snow. Allow the experts at Five PM take it from here. Call now to get yourself a contract for 2015, time is running out!