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Prepare Your Business for the Polar Vortex!

Extreme cold weather is hitting the New York and New Jersey area this week due to a Polar Vortex, bringing with it snow squalls and icy conditions. During these times, business owners can experience loss of cash revenue or disruption in their day to day businesses due to the weather. Vive PM urges all business owners who haven’t to prepare your business for the polar vortex now!

The best way to be prepared is to have a snow and ice management plan in place for your commercial property or business. The plan should include preparations such as salting, and storm tracking, snow removal or plowing, snow shoveling for sidewalks and entryways, and ice control throughout the storm and after.

During these extreme cold temperatures, ice will form after precipitation falls creating icy conditions and hazardous parking lots and sidewalks. Ice control is key to keeping your liability down and keeping your property safe.

Vive PM has already got the preparation in place, we’ve been tracking storms coming to the area and preparing all of our equipment to be in the best working order to serve our clients.

Make the decision to prepare your business for the polar vortex by using Vive PM for your commercial snow & ice removal. We’ll take care of getting your property prepared for the conditions a polar vortex brings and you can take care of the rest.

Get a quote online or call us at (201) 314-4284.

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Do you know the NJ Snow Removal Laws?

Business owners, property owners, and property managers listen up! Do you know the NJ snow removal laws and how they pertain to your property? If not, then read on! There is more than you think to clearing snow from your commercial property. Snow removal laws and regulations are being strictly reinforced the past few years, and if you don’t comply you may find yourself paying fines! Read more

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We’re ready for Snow

At Vive PM, we’ve been preparing for another busy winter snow removal season since last year. As the forecast for this winter gets clearer, we are getting a better idea of what to be prepared for this winter. Our experience and intuition tells us that although the forecast may look clear, we need to be ready for anything.

Over the past few years, we’ve expanded our equipment and hiring in order to provide our excellent and reliable service to even more commercial snow removal clients. Although we are doing all that we can, we do not want to take on clients that we can’t handle, that means you need to get your contract secured with us ASAP.  If we need more staff and equipment, we need to know now!

As the years go by, the business that we have served keep coming back and more keep contracting with us.  It makes us proud to have served the New York and New Jersey metro area so well that we see recurring clients and referrals coming year after year.  Don’t miss out on the snow removal company that everyone wants working for them!

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2017 Commercial Snow Removal

We at Vive PM are already getting ready for our 2017 snow season! Being a snow removal service provider in the tristate area which is so susceptible to snow storms and unpredictable winter weather conditions is a big responsibility that we take seriously. Property and business owners alike know that waiting until the first storm is too late to get ahead; the time is now to get your commercial snow removal plan in action by hiring your commercial snow removal team and planning ahead.

Our commercial snow services include:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Sanding and Salting
  • Sidewalk Clearing
  • Snow and Ice removal

With our state of the art equipment, trained and licensed team, we will be ready at the first sign of snow to get your property cleared and safe for travel. We get to your business early to ensure that your business is ready for parking lot and pedestrian travel from the moment you flip your sign to open. Our service doesn’t stop after one trip, if the snow continues to fall throughout the day, you can bet we’ll be back to keep it as clear as we can.

With our WBE/MBE Certification and years of experience in commercial snow removal there is no question that Vive PM is the company that you need for your snow removal needs. Give us a call today; we service Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester, Long Island and Rockland NY as well as Bergen, Union, Essex, Passaic, Monmouth, Morris, Middlesex and Ocean Counties of NJ.


Temperature Forecasts This December for the NYC/NJ area

Vive PM prepares for another busy winter snow removal season. New forecast models are becoming available, as high snowfall amounts are forecasted. As you may have heard El Nino is expected to be a huge influence on the North American winter temperatures. This coupled with new Atlantic Ocean patterns have poised the Northeast for a warmer than usual start to the winter. An expected increase in precipitation, which is common with an El Nino pattern, will make conditions right for large amounts of snowfall in the Northeast.

As was experienced in the Northeast this October and November, the temperatures were above average. Weather forecasts predict that this trend will continue for December. Now don’t re-open your pool just yet! By ‘warmer’ forecasters are saying fluctuations in range from 5 – 8 degrees. If last winter was a comparison that means that it will be significantly cold this winter, within the freezing spectrum.

This forecast has prompted Vive PM to expand our equipment and hiring. We are reaching capacity, as clients are still locking in contracts for snow removal, but there will soon be no time. We urge any business owner to take warning and plan ahead with a snow removal plan before it’s too late. If your business needs a snow removal contractor this winter Contact Us.

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Snow Contractor Removal Services 2015-2016

Business owners and property managers in NY and NJ understand what a liability snow and ice are. Uncleaned parking lots and sheets of ice on sidewalks are a nuisance and more importantly dangerous for customers and employees. The responsibility of mitigating snow and ice from walkways and parking lots is your responsibility. It may be easy to blame the snow plow guy who only did a once over half way through the storm…but the slip and fall lawsuit won’t be served to the snow plow guy, but you.

As a business owner, some of your biggest assets are your team members. At Vive PM we strive to be an integral part of your team structure. We are always there to make sure conditions post snow removal are satisfactory. Having a trusted partner in mitigating your liabilities this winter season is a huge reason businesses in the NY and New Jersey Metro area trust Vive PM.

We are currently preparing for a busy winter snow removal season and have increased our snow clearing bandwidth to service more customers more frequently during and after a winter storm. We look forward to providing exceptional service this year and are still accepting new commercial clients. If you are not currently enrolled in one of our snow removal programs, please Contact Us.

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Commercial Snow Removal is Worth the Cost

Fall is in full swing and business owners all over New Jersey are preparing themselves for the upcoming winter. A top priority for any business owner should be preparation for snow. Vive PM is here with some tips on how hiring a snow removal company is worth the cost for any business owner.

  • Reduce Stress! When they hear a snow storm is headed towards the New Jersey area, business owners start to panic. They immediately start tracking the storm, planning for early mornings plowing, shoveling and clearing snow from their sidewalks in order to start business as planned in the morning.
  • Avoid More Responsibilities. On top of the many daily tasks that a business owner faces, when the snow hits new responsibilities pile up. Keeping the sidewalks clear throughout a storm, clearing the parking lot multiple times a day, preventing slip and falls, purchasing salt, shovels etc. Your everyday business concerns tend to go by the wayside and soon, things could start getting overlooked.
  • Ensure Safety. Liability cases for slip and fall accidents on your property can lead to hefty penalties. When you choose to take care of your property yourself, you must hold the responsibility of being diligent in clearing your property and constantly be prepared for an accident.

If stress, more responsibilities and liability are not what you want to deal with this winter, it’s time to hire a snow removal expert such as Vive Property Maintenance. At Vive, we take the stress away from you and let you get back to doing what you do best, running your business. Our licensed and fully insured snow removal team does advance preparation before a storm hits and is ready to keep your property clear through to the end of the storm.

You can see clearly that paying for a snow removal company will pay in the end! It’s time to get your company a snow removal company that you can rely on to make winter an easier season for you and your business. Fill out our simple contact form for an estimate on your property today!