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Prepare Your Business for the Polar Vortex!

Extreme cold weather is hitting the New York and New Jersey area this week due to a Polar Vortex, bringing with it snow squalls and icy conditions. During these times, business owners can experience loss of cash revenue or disruption in their day to day businesses due to the weather. Vive PM urges all business owners who haven’t to prepare your business for the polar vortex now!

The best way to be prepared is to have a snow and ice management plan in place for your commercial property or business. The plan should include preparations such as salting, and storm tracking, snow removal or plowing, snow shoveling for sidewalks and entryways, and ice control throughout the storm and after.

During these extreme cold temperatures, ice will form after precipitation falls creating icy conditions and hazardous parking lots and sidewalks. Ice control is key to keeping your liability down and keeping your property safe.

Vive PM has already got the preparation in place, we’ve been tracking storms coming to the area and preparing all of our equipment to be in the best working order to serve our clients.

Make the decision to prepare your business for the polar vortex by using Vive PM for your commercial snow & ice removal. We’ll take care of getting your property prepared for the conditions a polar vortex brings and you can take care of the rest.

Get a quote online or call us at (201) 314-4284.

Time is money

Is Paying for Commercial Snow Removal worth it?

Although Fall is in full swing and the leaves have just begun to fall here in the tri-state areas, winter is coming. One of the top priorities of any commercial business owner this time of year is preparation for what’s ahead. When thinking of where to budget this year, you may be asking yourself “is paying for commercial snow removal worth it?”  If you’ve asked yourself this question, we’ve got the answer and its YES! Read on to find out why.Read more

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Snow Removal for your Commercial Property

Last week was a heat wave in Northern New Jersey, temperatures in the 90’s and so hot that no one is even thinking of snow removal, except commercial property owners. New Jersey commercial property owners know that snow and ice events can wreak havoc on their property, slip, and fall accidents are common and liability concerns can be costly. That’s why getting prepared with a snow removal company is of the utmost importance this time of year, no matter what the temperature right now.Read more

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Snow Damage to Your Commercial Property

This winter, with snow at intermittent times, we have small glimpses into any damage that is happening or has already happened from snow. Snow damage to your commercial property is not the end of the world. However, it’s important to know the following things so that you can deal with damages properly.

Landscape Recovery Tips:

  1. Leave it to the pro’s: Your health and safety should be your number one priority. That’s why we recommend leaving things like downed branches, sagging power lines or ice dams to the professionals. Untrained, you may be putting yourself in danger if you attempt to address these situations on your own.
  2. Damaged trees: If you do feel comfortable, trimming branches can be done easily. If you aren’t sure where to trim a limb, consult a professional. This is an important thing to know and a mistake could cost you blooming the following season or leave a tree vulnerable to infestation.
  3. Don’t stress about Ice: Knocking heavy snow off of trees and shrubs is an easy task, and can really help to save your foliage. However, leave the ice build up on the branches, you can do damage to the integrity of the tree by scraping at it.

Vive PM provides regular landscape design and maintenance, winter snow removal, and parking lot maintenance on commercial properties. Get in touch with us today, and leave the above up to the professionals! Call us today at 201-314-4284 and let us help you with snow damage to your commercial property.

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Use an MWBE for your Commercial Snow Removal

Looking to replace your unreliable commercial snow removal company? Why not fulfill the supplier diversity requirement by using a Minority and Women Business Enterprise for your snow removal needs while you’re at it. As an MWBE, Vive Property Maintenance has been able to offer our clients an added value by fulfilling their government requirements while also providing quality snow removal services for years!Read more

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Plan for snow in the summer sun

The last thing you’re thinking of in New Jersey today is snow. Its beautiful outside and 80 degrees, those days of cold are long behind us. Back yard get-together, beach days and warm nights make us forget sometimes that the weather is a cycle, and before we know it the snow will be back.

We aren’t trying to run your fun, but if you plan for snow now, we can help you once the snow falls!

Are you a property manager or commercial property owner who cant bear the thought of the same unreliable plow service caring for your parking lot this year? Does the sound of searching for a new one give you anxiety? Did you overpay for service in the past and vow to never use a commercial snow removal company again?

Worry no more! Vive PM’s snow removal and commercial property maintenance services will save you from thinking any of those thoughts again! From snow plowing to shoveling by hand, ice control to sidewalk clearing, our snow removal service is top choice in the New Jersey area.

We customize snow removal packages to fit each of our clients needs, taking into account hours of operations, days open and days closed and your budget. Our fleet has commercial grade insurance and practice the safest ice/snow management for your customers, employers, renters and pedestrians who might be crossing your walkways.

Plan now to keep your winter worry free when it comes to snow removal! Then get back to the sun!

The Vive PM Snow Removal Team operates in the New Jersey Counties of : Bergen, Union, Essex, Passaic, Monmouth, Morris, Middlesex and Ocean and the entire NY Metro Area.

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Be Prepared for Winter Weather

It’s time to get prepared for the winter weather that will soon be upon us. This past week upstate New York was hit with a huge storm and it won’t be too long before the New York and New Jersey metro area experience a winter weather event. Whether it’s for a polar vortex or for occasional overnight snows, you should be getting your business prepared now.

Snow and ice removal can seem like quite the task when the winters are as unpredictable as they are in our part of the country.  As a business owner, you really need to be prepared for any type of weather all of the time. We at Vive PM know that taking care of the snow and ice are the last thing on a business owners mind when trying to run a property or company. That’s where we come in.

Its time now to secure your 2017 snow removal contract, and to get prepared for snow and ice removal from your parking areas and sidewalks as soon as the first storm hits. You take care of running the business, and we will take care of removing the snow!

Although we provide complete commercial snow removal services during the winter, it’s never too early to look into our year round services. We provide commercial landscaping, parking lot and property maintenance as well. Using a company like Vive PM to take care of your property year round is the smart choice.

Our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction cannot be beat. Give us a call today and set up your commercial snow removal contract for 2017, winter weather is coming…ready or not.

Snow Removal Service

Do I need a Snow Removal Service?

Many people are unsure if they require commercial snow removal services. If you are one of those people who just aren’t sure if you qualify for that level of service we at Vive Property Maintenance provide, we have the answers for you. As we move into our 2017 snow season, we want to make sure that you are as prepared as we are.

Business Owners:
If you own a business of any size, your employees are what keeps your business running every day. Safety of the employees is the number one concern and using a commercial snow removal service can help to keep your employees safe in more than one way. First, utilizing your staff for snow removal can be dangerous leaving you open to liability. Second, the improper training on using machinery, possibility of slip and fall injury are not worth the trouble.

A good commercial snow removal company is licensed and insured, we take the liability away from you and give you your employees back.

When your tenants rent from you, they want to know that when the snow comes they will not have a problem traversing the sidewalks or driveways. This may have been one of the reasons they sought out apartment or condo living in the first place; less manual labor. Keep your tenants happy by providing the best snow removal services that you can to them. You will also protect yourself from being sued due to negligence if you are unable to clear the sidewalk or lot quick enough and someone gets hurt.

While there are a plethora of commercial snow removal companies out there, not all of them are ideal. Search out the companies in your area looking for proper licensing and insurance, years of experience, and reputation. We are sure that our name will come up among the best in the New York/New Jersey area, and we are awaiting your call!


MWBE Snow Removal Services

Looking to acquire a snow removal company for your property? Why not fulfill your supplier diversity requirement by using a Minority and Women Business Enterprise for your snow removal needs while you’re at it. As an MWBE, Vive Property Maintenance has been able to offer our clients an added value by fulfilling their government requirements while also providing quality snow removal services for years.Read more

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Benefits of Snow Removal with VivePM

We’ve finally got a taste of Snow here in the New Jersey/New York area. With inevitably more to come our way, it’s time to stop dragging your feet and hire a commercial snow removal company for your commercial property. Whether you are interested just in snow removal, or plan to use services year round, now is the time to talk to your prospective company and make a plan.

Interested in more information? Check out these benefits of using a property maintenance company for your snow removal needs.

  • Save Money: When you’re paying for a professional company you know your cost ahead of time and the process of payment is easy. When you use a company only when you need them, storm by storm, you can put yourself in a predicament. Generally, one time deals are more expensive and you will have to pay more to be at the top of those contractors list.
  • Prevent Injury: Using a professional snow removal company will help to ensure no one gets hurt. Slip and fall injuries are high this time of year due to snow and ice. With a property clear and free of ice and snow, a lawsuit will be far from your mind.
  • Reliability: Having the peace of mind knowing that your snow and ice will be cleared in a timely manner helps you get back to work and keeps you out of the parking lot removing snow yourself!
  • Avoiding Fines: Depending on where you live, towns impose fines on business owners if snow and ice isn’t cleared from sidewalks in a timely manner. Don’t add another task to your daily routine and spend time worrying if you will be fined. Using a service guarantees you will be cleared within enough time.

Vive PM is a professional property maintenance company that provides year round services to our clients including snow and ice removal. Our reputation for completing our job quickly, efficiently and dedication to making our clients satisfied is unlike the rest. Call us today and find out if our commercial snow removal service is right for you!