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The Importance of Maintaining your Commercial Landscape

Perhaps you’ve installed a new landscape design this spring on your commercial property. By now, it looks beautiful with flowers flourishing, and you’re hearing compliments from your clients. Bask in the glory of knowing you’ve made a great investment in your business. Whether you’re dealing with an apartment complex, office building, school or grocery store, its now time to schedule routine maintenance to keep up the looks and to keep reaping the benefits. Read more


Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise

Businesses have a diverse marketplace of services and vendors to choose from for their individual needs. You may have heard some things about MWBE and are wondering how you can utilize an MWBE for your business to source services in a smarter and very strategic way.

First things first, MWBE stands for “Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise”. By being a business owned, operated and controlled at least 51% by women or minorities, a business is eligible to be certified as an MWBE. Being an MWBE certified business is one way in which governments help to create opportunities for women and minorities who own businesses. Once certified, a business is now a viable choice for other businesses who aim to diversify, obtain government contracts or fulfill government requirements.

As an MWBE, Vive Property Maintenance (PM) has been able to see firsthand the added value for our clients who utilize our services to fulfill their government requirements.  Tax incentives alone that are provided to businesses that source MWBE’s are very beneficial for our clients. It’s also important to know that when looking for government funding, a business is generally required to use the services of an MWBE.

So, why not use a property maintenance provider for all of your commercial business needs that are MWBE certified such as Vive PM? Using our full-service Property Maintenance company, you will be eligible for tax incentives, be closer to fulfilling your government requirements and be eligible for government funding.

Contact us today to find out what services we can provide for your business and how you can use our MWBE company to benefit yours!


New Website Look

Have you visited our new website? We’ve recently updated our website in order to provide better customer satisfaction to our clients, and website visitors. When visiting our new, updated website, you will be able to easily navigate through our services, inquire about a quote, read our latest blogs and contact us quickly.

Our new design features an all new, clean and simple homepage. From here, you can navigate through all of our commercial services, read our latest blogs and even contact us for a quote. With our new clearly organized and well thought out design, we know you will enjoy your visit to our site. Other sites can be complicated to use, have too much information, and hide the contact information, we are keeping it simple.

Looking for something specific? Use the search icon in the top right-hand corner of the website and search for a specific term. You can also use the top navigation bar to filter through our services and to look for specific keywords or information.

We know that sometimes you just want to get a company on the phone. For this reason, our contact information is bold and easily found at the top of our website. You won’t find us hiding our contact phone number on a contact page, or not publishing it at all, we want to be accessible to you at your convenience and in the way that you prefer.

Enjoy your browse around our new website and consider contacting us for your commercial service needs. Remember, we are WMBE certified, so if you are trying to fulfill government requirements or looking for a government contract, consider using a property maintenance company with a beneficial WMBE certification.


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Property Maintenance Services for New York and New Jersey Metro Area

The professionalism of your New York or New Jersey Metro Area business is judged even before the visitors, potential clients, employees and customers even enter through your door. The first impression is made upon entering your parking lot or even the view from the street. There are many different ways that a commercial property maintenance company can increase the appeal of your location. Our experts at Vive Property Maintenance (PM) want to give you the top three tips for increasing curb appeal on your business.

  1. Use a reliable company with knowledgeable experts in the industry. Your property maintenance company should be able to monitor your property continually and create an appearance that is aesthetically pleasing year round.
  2. Work with experts that will design and install your landscaping or just give it an updated style. New additions to properties are always a great way to make your property look fresh and inviting. When experts design and install your landscaping, they can do the job quickly and efficiently no matter the budget.
  3. Maintenance goes a long way, using a company that provides more than one service, such as parking lot maintenance, sidewalk repair, and snow removal can help to really make your business stand out and look impressive year round. Why use three different companies when you can use one?

Consider using a company that has years of experience in all aspects of property maintenance. Relying on one company to do it all will reduce the stress of coordinating multiple companies and give your property the “put together” appearance. Learn more about Vive PM and what services we provide on our property maintenance page.

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Working hard for you

Vive Property Maintenance is a locally-owned WBE/MBE certified commercial property management company located in Tenafly, NJ. Our team of experienced staff works one on one with property managers and business owners throughout New Jersey to make their businesses stand out with clean, neat properties and eye-catching landscaping design.

We view ourselves as part of your management team in that we work with your needs, budget, and time constraints to constantly deliver quality work. Our fresh perspective, objective thinking and solutions to common property maintenance problems can give your property a face lift and attract that positive first impression from the moment someone pulls into the parking lot.

Offering a variety of services, we aim to be your one-stop-shop for all services related to your property:

  • Commercial Landscaping Design
  • Commercial Landscaping Maintenance
  • Parking Lot Maintenance
  • Parking Lot Sweeping
  • Snow Removal
  • Commercial Property Maintenance

Visit our Commercial Property Maintenance Services page for more information, there are too many services to list!

Each member of our team is dedicated to making our clients satisfied from the look of the property to the customer service when calling into the office. Contact us today for more information on our services! We look forward to serving you and making your property stand out among the rest!

Tax Credits

Using a MWBE to benefit your company

Vive Property Maintenance is proud to be a MWBE (Minority and Women-owned business enterprise). Did you know that using a MWBE can help your company and provide many benefits? Larger companies have started sourcing these types of businesses and your business can too! Here are some of the reasons that you should investigate using a MWBE supplier for your needs.

Supplier Diversity Requirements

If your company is looking to win government contracts, you may want to investigate how you are maintaining supplier diversity. Federal, state and sometimes even local government clients require companies to maintain a certain amount of MWBE spend. Just adding supplier diversity to your company can open you up to these government contracts.

Tax Incentives

Incentives, rebates and tax breaks are available to companies that source MWBE suppliers. Sourcing a MWBE supplier could mean significant tax savings for your company. Explore the programs available in your industry and area and find out if your company could benefit from these tax incentives by using us!

Consider the impact that using a company that is part of the MWBE can have on your company. Many larger corporations are already getting in on the incentives and benefits that sourcing out to a MWBE can provide. Your company can be part of this too! Consider Vive Property Maintenance for your commercial property maintenance needs!