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Time is money

Is Paying for Commercial Snow Removal worth it?

Although Fall is in full swing and the leaves have just begun to fall here in the tri-state areas, winter is coming. One of the top priorities of any commercial business owner this time of year is preparation for what’s ahead. When thinking of where to budget this year, you may be asking yourself “is paying for commercial snow removal worth it?”  If you’ve asked yourself this question, we’ve got the answer and its YES! Read on to find out why.Read more

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Spring Clean Up on Your Commercial Property

Preparing your commercial property for spring can seem like a daunting task even to the most seasoned property owner. With large garden beds, plants, walkways, water features, lawn, and labor its no wonder that commercial property owners hire out for the care of their outdoor spaces. When you hire a commercial landscaping company to do your spring clean-up for you, here’s what you can expect.

  • Debris Removal – We’ll remove all leaves, fallen limbs, garbage and other debris on the property. From the garden beds to the parking lot all will be removed to see a clearer picture of the landscape.
  • Trimming/Pruning- Certain plants and shrubs need to be trimmed or cut back to provide room for healthy new growth. Trees will be thinned out and broken or damaged branches cut away. Hiring a company with experience here is important. When trimming/pruning, making the wrong decision can stop flowering for the season!
  • Plantings- Taking an overall look at your garden beds, plants and shrubs, our team will evaluate what you have. When we run into plants that are dying, planted in the wrong zones, and unable to thrive, our team will make suggestions for plantings that will work in your budget and for the space you have.
  • Edging/Weeding – To give your property that clean and neat look, your garden beds and sidewalks will be edged. This helps to show clean lines and neatness that we crave in the spring and provide a new structural delineation for grass growth.

When you hire a commercial landscaping company to manage your spring cleanup, you can put your time as a property owner into the work you intended on doing. If you’re looking for a company to provide your spring clean up service, consider Vive PM; A WMBE company with years of experience in the business.


New Jersey’s Choice for HOA Property Maintenance

Home Owners Associations (HOA’s) are the decision makers on capital improvements, property maintenance, and other bylaws. Often, in order for an HOA to choose a property maintenance company that meets all of their criteria, it can take weeks or even months to sort through bids. Let us tell you why Vive PM is quickly becoming New Jersey’s choice for HOA property maintenance. Read more

Snow Removal Service

Do I need a Snow Removal Service?

Many people are unsure if they require commercial snow removal services. If you are one of those people who just aren’t sure if you qualify for that level of service we at Vive Property Maintenance provide, we have the answers for you. As we move into our 2017 snow season, we want to make sure that you are as prepared as we are.

Business Owners:
If you own a business of any size, your employees are what keeps your business running every day. Safety of the employees is the number one concern and using a commercial snow removal service can help to keep your employees safe in more than one way. First, utilizing your staff for snow removal can be dangerous leaving you open to liability. Second, the improper training on using machinery, possibility of slip and fall injury are not worth the trouble.

A good commercial snow removal company is licensed and insured, we take the liability away from you and give you your employees back.

When your tenants rent from you, they want to know that when the snow comes they will not have a problem traversing the sidewalks or driveways. This may have been one of the reasons they sought out apartment or condo living in the first place; less manual labor. Keep your tenants happy by providing the best snow removal services that you can to them. You will also protect yourself from being sued due to negligence if you are unable to clear the sidewalk or lot quick enough and someone gets hurt.

While there are a plethora of commercial snow removal companies out there, not all of them are ideal. Search out the companies in your area looking for proper licensing and insurance, years of experience, and reputation. We are sure that our name will come up among the best in the New York/New Jersey area, and we are awaiting your call!


Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise

Businesses have a diverse marketplace of services and vendors to choose from for their individual needs. You may have heard some things about MWBE and are wondering how you can utilize an MWBE for your business to source services in a smarter and very strategic way.

First things first, MWBE stands for “Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise”. By being a business owned, operated and controlled at least 51% by women or minorities, a business is eligible to be certified as an MWBE. Being an MWBE certified business is one way in which governments help to create opportunities for women and minorities who own businesses. Once certified, a business is now a viable choice for other businesses who aim to diversify, obtain government contracts or fulfill government requirements.

As an MWBE, Vive Property Maintenance (PM) has been able to see firsthand the added value for our clients who utilize our services to fulfill their government requirements.  Tax incentives alone that are provided to businesses that source MWBE’s are very beneficial for our clients. It’s also important to know that when looking for government funding, a business is generally required to use the services of an MWBE.

So, why not use a property maintenance provider for all of your commercial business needs that are MWBE certified such as Vive PM? Using our full-service Property Maintenance company, you will be eligible for tax incentives, be closer to fulfilling your government requirements and be eligible for government funding.

Contact us today to find out what services we can provide for your business and how you can use our MWBE company to benefit yours!


New Website Look

Have you visited our new website? We’ve recently updated our website in order to provide better customer satisfaction to our clients, and website visitors. When visiting our new, updated website, you will be able to easily navigate through our services, inquire about a quote, read our latest blogs and contact us quickly.

Our new design features an all new, clean and simple homepage. From here, you can navigate through all of our commercial services, read our latest blogs and even contact us for a quote. With our new clearly organized and well thought out design, we know you will enjoy your visit to our site. Other sites can be complicated to use, have too much information, and hide the contact information, we are keeping it simple.

Looking for something specific? Use the search icon in the top right-hand corner of the website and search for a specific term. You can also use the top navigation bar to filter through our services and to look for specific keywords or information.

We know that sometimes you just want to get a company on the phone. For this reason, our contact information is bold and easily found at the top of our website. You won’t find us hiding our contact phone number on a contact page, or not publishing it at all, we want to be accessible to you at your convenience and in the way that you prefer.

Enjoy your browse around our new website and consider contacting us for your commercial service needs. Remember, we are WMBE certified, so if you are trying to fulfill government requirements or looking for a government contract, consider using a property maintenance company with a beneficial WMBE certification.



Snow Removal with Vive PM

Vive Property Management has quickly become a trusted and well-known name for snow removal in New Jersey. We are a commercial property maintenance company that works year round servicing our client’s properties. During the winter months, our company’s goal is to keep your property clear and safe through the winter season by providing snow removal services, de-icing and other seasonal winter maintenance.

By keeping your property clear of ice, snow and other hazards of winter we help to make your property a safe place for automobiles and pedestrians to comfortably navigate. In the New Jersey area, there is no guessing how much snow will fall once we get into the thick of the winter. Utilizing the team at Vive PM for your property will ensure that your business is prepared the minute snow fall starts. We are there for our clients no matter how big or little the snow fall is.

The team at Vive PM is prepared to take immediate action for a surprise storm and prepares well ahead of time for snow storm systems we know are heading our way. Our snow removal team is constantly tracking New Jersey weather reports, weather maps and monitoring conditions outside. Our team is diligent in making certain our clients properties are taken care of in an appropriate time range and continually cleared through to the final stage of any winter storm.

Taking the time now to schedule your estimate will save you in the end. When the snow starts to fall, you can relax knowing that your property will be taken care of. Please visit our commercial snow removal page for more information here.


Temperature Forecasts This December for the NYC/NJ area

Vive PM prepares for another busy winter snow removal season. New forecast models are becoming available, as high snowfall amounts are forecasted. As you may have heard El Nino is expected to be a huge influence on the North American winter temperatures. This coupled with new Atlantic Ocean patterns have poised the Northeast for a warmer than usual start to the winter. An expected increase in precipitation, which is common with an El Nino pattern, will make conditions right for large amounts of snowfall in the Northeast.

As was experienced in the Northeast this October and November, the temperatures were above average. Weather forecasts predict that this trend will continue for December. Now don’t re-open your pool just yet! By ‘warmer’ forecasters are saying fluctuations in range from 5 – 8 degrees. If last winter was a comparison that means that it will be significantly cold this winter, within the freezing spectrum.

This forecast has prompted Vive PM to expand our equipment and hiring. We are reaching capacity, as clients are still locking in contracts for snow removal, but there will soon be no time. We urge any business owner to take warning and plan ahead with a snow removal plan before it’s too late. If your business needs a snow removal contractor this winter Contact Us.