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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Fall Planning for Commercial Landscaping

Fall is just around the corner and for property managers and commercial property owners its time to start fall planning for your commercial landscaping. This means the transition from summer plants to fall,  preparing for the fall commercial services on your property, and thinking about switching gears from that summer mentality. Read more

Commercial Services

The Importance of Maintaining your Commercial Landscape

Perhaps you’ve installed a new landscape design this spring on your commercial property. By now, it looks beautiful with flowers flourishing, and you’re hearing compliments from your clients. Bask in the glory of knowing you’ve made a great investment in your business. Whether you’re dealing with an apartment complex, office building, school or grocery store, its now time to schedule routine maintenance to keep up the looks and to keep reaping the benefits. Read more

Commercial Services

Property Maintenance Services

Looking for new clients, tenants or businesses to fill space in your commercial property? If it seems you’re having a hard time filling those empty spaces you have to reconsider the appeal of the property. Perhaps the outside doesn’t reflect the modern-day business you’re running on the inside due to the lack of a proper property maintenance service. Read more

Commercial Services

Revive your Parking Lot

Parking lot maintenance is an important part of running a commercial property. With Vive PM you can revive your parking lot in a flash with our exceptional services. With hands-on attention to detail, our crew can be used for routine parking lot maintenance; clearing debris and keeping it swept, or give it a complete overhaul instead. Read more

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June Blooms In New Jersey

The height of the year for flower blooms is no undoubtedly the month of May. The scent and colors of Tulips, Dogwoods, Lilacs, and Clematis are almost synonymous with Spring, and their blooms have just left us.  You sure have noticed throughout the past month that when you drive down the main thoroughfare in any town, the landscaping is popping with vibrant colors of spring and may be wondering what is in bloom. So, what can we expect for June blooms in New Jersey?Read more

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Spring Property Maintenance

The warm weather is here, and we’ve had a lot of rain lately in New York & New Jersey allowing the flowers of spring to show off their full bloom! Looking out at your commercial property, you’re probably noting areas that are bare, flower beds that are damaged or not growing and perhaps some downed limbs from the storms that have been passing through. Those signs tell you that you’re ready for your spring property maintenance. Read more

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Spring Clean Up on Your Commercial Property

Preparing your commercial property for spring can seem like a daunting task even to the most seasoned property owner. With large garden beds, plants, walkways, water features, lawn, and labor its no wonder that commercial property owners hire out for the care of their outdoor spaces. When you hire a commercial landscaping company to do your spring clean-up for you, here’s what you can expect.

  • Debris Removal – We’ll remove all leaves, fallen limbs, garbage and other debris on the property. From the garden beds to the parking lot all will be removed to see a clearer picture of the landscape.
  • Trimming/Pruning- Certain plants and shrubs need to be trimmed or cut back to provide room for healthy new growth. Trees will be thinned out and broken or damaged branches cut away. Hiring a company with experience here is important. When trimming/pruning, making the wrong decision can stop flowering for the season!
  • Plantings- Taking an overall look at your garden beds, plants and shrubs, our team will evaluate what you have. When we run into plants that are dying, planted in the wrong zones, and unable to thrive, our team will make suggestions for plantings that will work in your budget and for the space you have.
  • Edging/Weeding – To give your property that clean and neat look, your garden beds and sidewalks will be edged. This helps to show clean lines and neatness that we crave in the spring and provide a new structural delineation for grass growth.

When you hire a commercial landscaping company to manage your spring cleanup, you can put your time as a property owner into the work you intended on doing. If you’re looking for a company to provide your spring clean up service, consider Vive PM; A WMBE company with years of experience in the business.

Commercial Services

Should you Landscape your Commercial Property?

As we always say, we believe the first impression that you make on your prospective clients or tenants is the view from the parking lot. Pulling into a parking lot for a business that has weeds and overgrowth in their planters and garden beds, overgrown lawn, dirt, and debris on sidewalks and near curbs do not give a good first impression.

When you choose to invest in regular commercial landscape and maintenance, you can immediately change that first impression and mold it into what you want your prospective clients and tenants to think of your business/company. Choose to have your business exude a feeling of clean, neat, eye-catching color or simple, plain and maintained. Whatever look you’re going for can be accomplished by investing in commercial landscape and maintenance.

Working with a commercial landscape and maintenance company such as Vive PM will keep your property looking in top shape and giving off the best first impression that your property can. Think of all of the improvements you can make with this choice:

  • Regular Mowing – A regular maintenance schedule of mowing will keep your lawn looking clean and neat as well as take care of those weeds and dandelions that keep popping up.
  • Repair Work/Sidewalk Installation/Edging – Keeping the walkway into your building in clean, working order will help patrons know exactly what entrance to use and to be able to get there safely.
  • Planting & Pruning – Keeping containers looking great year-round, keeping garden beds clear of overgrowth and debris, and pruning shrubs and trees to keep them healthy and beautiful can help to show a level of care that you take outside does reflect on the inside.

When you show that you invest in the outside of your commercial property, you’re not only helping yourself make a good impression on prospective clients or tenants but also showing that you are part of a community and want to contribute to the beauty that it already holds.

Call us today and we will work with your budget to get your landscaping in the best shape its been in years and keep it that way year round.

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Maintenance of your Commercial Property

The maintenance of your commercial property is more important than you may realize. The look of your commercial property should be inviting if you intend for people to visit your property. A neglected or worn out property can turn potential customers off as they may perceive the outside as a reflection of the way you run your business. In the end, no one wants to enter or approach a building that doesn’t look welcoming from the road or parking lot.

Its been proven that our surroundings affect our mood, therefore if you give your clients a beautiful entrance and attractive property, they will immediately be a little bit happier when entering your place of business, lets face it, those are the types of customers every business owner wants to deal with.

If you are a landlord and oversee hiring commercial property maintenance, its essential that you keep your tenants happy as well. Inevitably their lease will come up for renewal, and once tenants realize that a landlord doesn’t care enough to spruce up the outside of the building, they may get an indication that can also be reflected on the care you spend on the inside.

A commercial property maintenance company like Vive PM, can be essential to keeping clients, tenants and you happy. Consider the tasks that a commercial property maintenance company takes care of and off your plate:

  • Graffiti Removal
  • Parking Lot Striping/Marking
  • Landscaping Design & Maintenance
  • Debris Removal
  • Parking Lot Sweeping
  • Tree/Shrub Pruning
  • Snow Removal


When these jobs are taken care of by regular property maintenance you will find that potential tenants come knocking on the door, more clients enter your doors and more people visit your property. Interested in seeing what Vive PM can do for you? Fill out our estimate form today and we will get in touch with you to discuss commercial property maintenance for your property.


commercial landscaping design and maintenance
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Commercial Landscaping Design and Maintenance

What do you want your commercial landscaping design to say about your business? The design of your commercial property can be the first thing that your customers see your brand and company. From subtle and professional to eye-catching and vibrant, the design for your company is as unique as you want it to be. Here are the top things we ask our clients to think about when it comes to their landscaping design and maintenance.   Read more