WBE Commercial Snow Removal

Vive PM is proud to be a women-owned business (WBE) that provides Commercial Snow Removal to the tri-state area. As a commercial property owner, you may not be sure why working with a WBE can be beneficial for your business. Below are a few reasons why you should choose to work with a WBE.

Reasons to work with a WBE:

  1. Tax Incentives – this is the initial reason some consider working with a WBE, and it’s a good one too! The government encourages companies to do to work with minority and women-owned businesses by providing tax incentives when you do.
  2. Diversification Drivin Innovation–  A 2013 Harvard University Study suggests that “diversity unlocks innovation and drives market growth.” When you work with a WBE, it means your company is willing to work with diverse markets and drive innovation through the support of new goods and services provided by women.

When you choose Vive PM, you can contribute to innovation-driven market growth. Vive PM is proud to not only be women-owned, but a minority-owned business providing exceptional services throughout New York and New Jersey. If you’re ready to work with a WBE for your commercial snow services, contact us today!