Time is money

Is Paying for Commercial Snow Removal worth it?

Although Fall is in full swing and the leaves have just begun to fall here in the tri-state areas, winter is coming. One of the top priorities of any commercial business owner this time of year is preparation for what’s ahead. When thinking of where to budget this year, you may be asking yourself “is paying for commercial snow removal worth it?”  If you’ve asked yourself this question, we’ve got the answer and its YES! Read on to find out why.

Here are Vive PM’s top 3 reasons why hiring a snow removal company is worth the cost for any business owner.

  • Stress Reduction! When you hear a snowstorm is headed towards the tristate area, you probably start to panic. Remove the stress by putting that thought on your commercial snow removal team. They immediately start tracking the storm, planning for early mornings plowing and preparing for just what your property needs.
  • Delegate Responsibility! As a business owner, you already have enough to worry about. When the snow hits new responsibilities pile up: keeping the sidewalks clear throughout a storm, clearing the parking lot multiple times a day, preventing slip and falls, purchasing salt, shovels etc. Your everyday business concerns tend to go by the wayside and soon, things get forgotten. Put this responsibility on a trusted commercial snow removal team, and get back to your everyday work.
  • Ensure Safety! Liability cases for slip and fall accidents on your property can lead to hefty penalties, fines, and lawsuits. When you choose to take care of your property yourself, you must hold the responsibility of being diligent in clearing your property and constantly be prepared for an accident. When you use a commercially insured snow removal company, the liability is reduced and off of your back!

If reduced stress, fewer responsibilities, and improved safety on your property sound like three things you can use this winter, it’s time to hire a snow removal expert such as Vive Property Maintenance. At Vive, we take the snow removal stress away from you and let you get back to doing what you do best, running your business. Our licensed and fully insured snow removal team does advance preparation before a storm hits and is ready to keep your property clear through to the end of the storm.

Paying for a snow removal company will pay off in the end and is very much worth the cost. It’s time to get your business a snow removal company that you can rely on to make winter an easier season for you and your business. Fill out our simple contact form for an estimate on your property today!