Snow Removal for your Commercial Property

Last week was a heat wave in Northern New Jersey, temperatures in the 90’s and so hot that no one is even thinking of snow removal, except commercial property owners. New Jersey commercial property owners know that snow and ice events can wreak havoc on their property, slip, and fall accidents are common and liability concerns can be costly. That’s why getting prepared with a snow removal company is of the utmost importance this time of year, no matter what the temperature right now.

When searching for the right commercial snow removal company, you may not know the questions to ask which will help to lock in the best company for your needs. Here are some of the top questions we recommend asking.

  1. Do you provide all snow removal services?
  2. Do you clear parking lots, sidewalks and entrances?
  3. What type of deicer do you use?
  4. What type of ice control services do you offer?
  5. If my property is small, can you haul away the snow?
  6. Are there any other services not included but needed?
  7. Are you properly insured?
  8. Do you track employees and equipment?
  9. Have your employees taken safety training?

These questions will help you to get off the ground when searching for the right company. Of course, depending on your situation you may not need to ask all of the questions above, but for the most part, all of the above are essential for a snow removal company to run.

Don’t hire a commercial snow removal company that can’t answer your questions, Vive PM provides snow removal services throughout northern new jersey, and new york. Call us at (201) 314-4284, or put in a request for quote online to ensure your commercial property is ready for this winter.