Property Maintenance Services

Looking for new clients, tenants or businesses to fill space in your commercial property? If it seems you’re having a hard time filling those empty spaces you have to reconsider the appeal of the property. Perhaps the outside doesn’t reflect the modern-day business you’re running on the inside due to the lack of a proper property maintenance service. 

Monthly maintenance schedules on commercial property are a breeze when you hire a professional property maintenance company like Vive PM to take care of them. Hiring out for these services can help to increase outward appearance on your property and attract the people you’re looking for. Plus, you don’t have to do the work yourself!

Many superintendents or small business owners take on property maintenance services themselves to save money, or with the assumption, their property is too small to hire a professional property maintenance company. For Vive PM no job is too small, we’re here to help the small business next door or the large corporation in NYC.


With Vive PM, we’ll make sure that the property will complement whats inside, increasing your chances of acquiring new clients, tenants or businesses. Review your property maintenance services plan as well as your budget and reach out to Vive PM for your property maintenance needs. Request an estimate and one of our representatives will reach out!