Revive your Parking Lot

Parking lot maintenance is an important part of running a commercial property. With Vive PM you can revive your parking lot in a flash with our exceptional services. With hands-on attention to detail, our crew can be used for routine parking lot maintenance; clearing debris and keeping it swept, or give it a complete overhaul instead. 

Parking Lot Maintenance: Our parking lot maintenance includes a scheduled routine hand removal of debris and garbage in the lot, garden beds and hard to reach places. The power sweeper is the next step in keeping the dust debris and trash off of the parking lot keeping it looking new. We then report any graffiti, areas in need of repair, and other problem areas to the property manager so that any issues can be taken care of promptly preventing headache in the future.

Parking Lot Repair: When it comes to parking lot repair services our team will assess the parking lot and recommend asphalt repair, striping, or a complete overhaul. The eye of the professional helps us to determine if your parking lot needs just a quick fix, or if over time all of the quick fixes will add up to more than a complete replacement.

Our parking lot services will help your property to exhibit a clean neat appeal. From regular maintenance to repair work and striping, the team at Vive PM is experienced and ready to help you take your property to the next level with a working and sharp looking parking lot. Call us today at (201) 314-4284 and revive your parking lot.