Advantages of using MWBE’s

Companies now, more than ever are sourcing minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWBE’s) for their vendor and service needs. Over the past few years, increases in MWBE of all types have helped large corporations to be able to pursue supplier diversity across many new aspects of their businesses. Wondering what using a MWBE like Vive PM could be?

Advantages of using MWBE’s:

MWBE’s are particularly helpful in meeting supplier diversity requirements that many large corporations have put into place. Federal, state and even some local government clients require a certain level of MWBE spend before they’ll even think about doing business with a certain company. When you work with a MWBE, you are potentially opening your business up to an increased chance in government contracts.

Tax credits, rebates, incentives, and breaks are also offered by a variety of government agencies for MWBE subcontracted work.  In fact, some companies work hard to optimize their spending in MWBE in order to earn themselves a hefty tax saving. Our corporate clients already know that Vive PM is a MWBE certified company, and they enjoy working with us not just because we provide them benefits, but for the quality work that we provide. Our clients are proud to work with a local Commercial Property Maintenance company that has experience and reliability in the area.

Call us today to see what services your company can use provided by Vive PM, open yourself up to those coveted government contracts, become eligible for tax credits or rebates and relish in knowing you are doing a good thing by choosing us!