Snow Removal Service

Be Prepared for Winter Weather

It’s time to get prepared for the winter weather that will soon be upon us. This past week upstate New York was hit with a huge storm and it won’t be too long before the New York and New Jersey metro area experience a winter weather event. Whether it’s for a polar vortex or for occasional overnight snows, you should be getting your business prepared now.

Snow and ice removal can seem like quite the task when the winters are as unpredictable as they are in our part of the country.  As a business owner, you really need to be prepared for any type of weather all of the time. We at Vive PM know that taking care of the snow and ice are the last thing on a business owners mind when trying to run a property or company. That’s where we come in.

Its time now to secure your 2017 snow removal contract, and to get prepared for snow and ice removal from your parking areas and sidewalks as soon as the first storm hits. You take care of running the business, and we will take care of removing the snow!

Although we provide complete commercial snow removal services during the winter, it’s never too early to look into our year round services. We provide commercial landscaping, parking lot and property maintenance as well. Using a company like Vive PM to take care of your property year round is the smart choice.

Our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction cannot be beat. Give us a call today and set up your commercial snow removal contract for 2017, winter weather is coming…ready or not.